About Us

Founder and CEO Neressia Lowers
Founder and CEO Neressia Lowers

Our Company was established in November of 2018, as our Founder, Neressia Lowers was preparing to retire from the U.S. Navy. While volunteering in various financial assistance roles in the military, she recognized the need for affordable financial service options for small businesses and individuals, in particular service members.

We are a virtual and mobile company who currently have providers physically located in the Tidewater, Virginia area. All our tax preparers renew their commitment to staying up to date on tax issues by recertifying either in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) or VITA training every year.

Our CEO, Neressia Lowers, holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, which she completed while on active military duty. She is currently pursuing the IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) designation. Her experience includes volunteering with the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA) program for seven (7) tax seasons, including being the site lead for the Naval Construction Battalion Center site in Gulfport, MS for 2013.

Most people are required by law to file a tax return. Even if you aren’t, there are several reasons you might want to file anyway.

If you were an employee, you probably had taxes withheld from your paycheck. Even if the amount is small, filing a return might provide a refund of those payments.

It is possible that you might qualify for tax credits, even if you do not make enough money to have a tax bill. Refundable credits mean money in your pocket, even if you haven’t paid anything in.

Self-Employed individuals should declare income and file a return, even if they have a cash business. Social Security payments will come from amounts you contributed during your working years; the less you contribute, the smaller your benefits will be when you reach retirement age.