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Michole D.

Neressia was a pleasure to work with. She answered all my questions. She prepared the documents I needed in a timely manner and she communicated everything I needed clearly. I spoke to her in the morning and received my finished financial documents the same day. I will continue to use 7 Cities Tax Prep in the future. Thank you.

Roxie S.

There is nothing better than working with a professional who has your best interest at heart. 7 Cities Tax Prep is knowledgeable & is able to address your entire financial portfolio.

Jay S.

If I could select all 5 options for what I liked about working with 7 Cities Tax Prep, I would! 7 Cities Tax Prep has been doing my taxes for over 10 years. I have zero doubts or issues simply handing over my documentation and letting 7 Cities do the rest! I have been overseas for the past 6 years and they simply make it work! I am kept in the loop of my returns and if any issues arise, they are handled by 7 cities. I'm told about them after the fact. I simply will not be going anywhere else outside of 7 Cities for my Tax preparation. They are stuck with me! lol. I am very grateful for the Professionalism and Work Quality provided as you rarely find that in small businesses today. If you were looking for a sign, this is it. Book with them! To 7 Cities, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

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